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I’m currently a growth engineer at Modal Labs where I focus on how to grow the business among our core AI user base and beyond. I have special expertise in analytics platforms and technical marketing, skills I have built my freelance business around for over three years. Prior to freelancing, I was a founding data engineer at and a lead data scientist on Spotify’s Content team.

Analytics engineering

I select and implement analytics infrastructure to make data-informed decision making as easy as possible. I have particular expertise in Looker and dbt, but am also official partners with tools like Snowflake and Fivetran.

Selected past work:

Companies: Spotify, Better, Current, Findigs, Seatgeek, obe Fitness, Clearcover, Miles Partnership


I contribute to businesses’ public blogs to help them establish credibility, especially among other data professionals.

Selected writing:

Companies: Spectacles, Datafold, Water & Music

Go-to-market strategy

I advise startups on their go-to-market strategy when it comes to content, data, and product strategy. In addition to my data background, I have a strong user and market research background that enables me to take a qualitative and quantitative hybrid approach to identifying new market oppotunities.

Companies: dbt, Deep Channel, Supergrain

Community work

I’m actively involved in the greater data and analytics community as a way to keep up to date with the latest trends and maintain a strong network.

Selected community work:


If you’re looking for analytics engineering, writing, or go-to-market contract work, send an email to and we can connect!